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Bobby Saw A-List Celebrity Shopping at The Mall

Bobby saw an A-list celebrity at the mall and wants the show to guess who it was by only asking yes or no questions. The winner will get five dollars.  

Amy started it off by guessing correctly that it was a man. Lunchbox guessed correctly that he’s a musician and Eddie guessed correctly that he released an album within the last year. Lunchbox was able to eliminate that the person was an actor and Eddie eliminated that he could be in a boy band. Amy asked if his wife was famous, and they were able to determine that she’s only famous because she’s married to this celebrity.  

After a few more questions, it was narrowed down to the fact that this person was a country artist, had got divorced a while ago and the musician had been on the show in the past. Amy took the first guest of who it could be and was right when she said Jason AldeanHe was at the mall with his wife when Bones ran into him there with his wife. He said he had no security, and they were totally normal. Amy won the five dollars but gave it to Eddie who doubled it to ten dollars.