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Lunchbox Found Wallet on Airplane & Wanted Reward

Lunchbox recently found a wallet in the seat back of a plane. It belonged to a seventeen-year-old girl from New Hampshire's and it had her license and credit cards in it, but no cash. He felt if he returned it back, he should be rewarded for it. He wants to know if it pays to be honest? 

He played a clip of him walking off the plane and talking to someone who works for the airline asking what he would get for returning the lost wallet. He was hoping to get some cash or a free flight. Eddie thinks Lunchbox wouldn’t get a reward and it doesn't pay to be honest in this type of situation. Amy thinks he might get a hat or a drink coupon for his good deed, but that’s it. Bobby goes with no and agrees he’ll only get some airplane swag.  

Lunchbox ended up getting a $150 voucher for a future flight on Southwest Airlines. It paid to be a good citizen!