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Bobby Shares the Latest Rejected Segments

Bobby Bones shared the five most rejected segments over the last month that listeners sent it.  

Bones starts with Rejected Segment #5: The ‘Prisoner Drive-Thru Prank.’ The idea is Lunchbox goes to a drive-thru wearing an orange jumpsuit and broken handcuffs and keeps yelling at the workers to make the food faster and then he leaves without his food because he can't wait any longer and says it’s because they are after him. Then, Eddie drives up a few minutes later as an undercover cop showing a picture of Lunchbox and asks if they have seen him.  

Rejected Segment #4: Raymundo said he saw a celebrity post breakup in the wild and wanted to say how they looked physically. And he has a picture he’d post on socials to prove it. Ray was at a local health spot and when he came out of the store, he saw this celebrity and took a creeper picture from his car. He said they looked good, and no one recognized them. The show all guessed it was Kelsea Ballerini but it was actually Jay Cutler.  

Rejected Segment #3: Lunchbox is getting ‘Tony buzz’ from his performance in Bat Out of HellLunchbox sent in an article from ‘The Las Vegas Journal’ that had a big write up about his performance and said he could possibly win a Tony award for it. The article is called “He’s Bat Crazy” and talks about Lunchbox being in the show. He was presented the role after he failed to get an audition for a Hallmark movie. Bobby Bones read the article and said the ‘Tony buzz’ is sarcastic.  

Rejected Segment #2 Over Under: The Name Game. Country artists come into the studio all the time, but do they know everyone on the show's names? The next A-list country artist that comes into the studio needs to play the name game. We see how many people in the studio they know by name, and we take bets and if they go under or over four or five. They played this a few years ago with an artist and it didn’t go well. The show agreed it’s hilarious but bad idea because it’ll make the artist feel stupid.  

Rejected Segment #1: Someone on the show accidentally found a way to get free water at the grocery store. There was a pack of water on the shelf, but it was missing a few water bottles, so when they went to check out, they were told they could just get it for free. Ray sent this idea in because he was told if the packaging is compromised, they will give it to you for free. Ray’s idea was to tell people how to compromise packaging at the grocery store to get stuff for free when you’re shopping.  

The show agreed these are all hilarious but deserved to be rejected.