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Brantley Gilbert Reveals Why He Always Wears Hats

Brantley Gilbert called into The Bobby Bones Show to talk about his new album “So Help Me God,” touring with Five Finger Death Punch and why he always wears hats.  

Gilbert just checked off a bucket list moment by having Blake Shelton and Vince Gill together on his new song, “Heaven By Then.” Gilbert said while he was writing the song, he heard them on it before he even asked them to do be a part of it. It reminded him of a Shelton and Gill song right off the bat and he was humbled when they both agreed to do the song.  

Gilbert is going on a different type of tour soon, he’s opening for the heavy metal band, Five Finger Death Punch until December 20. He will still play a full set right before Five Finger Death Punch goes on, and he’s excited to see how rock fans and country fans will mix in the crowd.  

Bones asked why Gilbert wears a hat all the time even though he has a perfect head of hair. He wears a hat so much, a lot of people think he’s bald, including his own son. Gilbert said it’s just part of his look.  

Gilbert feels like the world has left him behind and he doesn't fit in and that’s what his new song is about. But this isn’t a new feeling for him, he’s always felt like he didn’t belong because he’s always done things his own way. He gets a lot of fulfillment being able to continue to have his own independent voice.  

The one song Gilbert wants to be remembered for is his song “My Faith.” If he left his stamp on the world, he’d want to make sure the world knows what the Good Lord has done for him. Gilbert ends the interview by announcing his new album “So Help Me God” is out today (November 10) and it has four new songs and there will be a follow-up release to it later.