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Everyone Shares The Thing They’re A Superfan Of

Bobby Bones shared a story about a girl who is such a big fan of Taylor Swift, that when Swift announced her latest tour, she got so excited she got a collapsed lung from breathing so hard. That now makes her a superfan!

Everyone on the show then shared what they are a superfan of. Amy said George Strait, but she wouldn't blow a lung for him. Lunchbox said Teen Mom. He would wait in line to meet a Teen Mom who wrote a book, but he wouldn’t actually read the book. He also said Survivor, Amazing Race, and The Reel World. Lunchbox also said he’d cut off the tip of his pinky finger to be roommates with Johnny Bananas for a month, officially making him a superfan.  

Eddie said the Dallas Cowboys because sometimes during games if the play is really important, he’ll start hyperventilating. It happened so badly once he had to lay down and get himself to relax during the game. Raymundo said Big Brother. When the show would end, he’d go through withdrawals. Bones is a super fan of Arkansas Razorback Football, basketball and baseball and David Letterman. He also mentioned Jordan Davis and Lainey Wilson because his band, Bobby Bones & The Raging Idiots, have a new song with them out today. Morgan said Marvel Movies, she watches them on repeat and has dressed up as them the last two years. She would do cosplay and go to Comic Con for Marvel!