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Loser of Amy vs. Lunchbox Eats Sardine With Whipped Cream

We play Amy vs. Lunchbox and the loser has to eat a sardine with whipped cream on it!  

Lunchbox doesn’t know what a sardine is, and Amy would rather eat the Kit Kat covered in tartar sauce, so the two really battle it out so they don’t have to eat this.  

Bobby Bones asked Amy three questions Lunchbox would know and vice versa and each round the questions get a little more elevated. Amy got asked the first question, which was “Who is playing the halftime show in 2023?” She incorrectly guessed Taylor Swift. Lunchbox steals it and correctly answers, Rhianna. Amy then correctly guessed that the LSU mascot is a tiger. But, then incorrectly answered what the American League and National League are the two major leagues in which sport. Lunchbox steals and correctly answered baseball. Lunchbox gets asked fashion brand questions that he doesn't get, and Amy is able to steal them. The score is tied but then Lunchbox answered correctly what the first real housewife was before all the spinoffs, which was the OC. Lunchbox then gets asked what’s the name of Taylor Swift’s final tour, if he answers correctly, he’ll win, but he doesn't know the name.

Amy gets the chance to steal it, but also gets it wrong. The correct answer was ‘The Era’s Tour’ but since Amy didn’t guess correctly, she now has to eat the sardines with whipped cream. Amy can’t get over the smell and look of it and has a hard time eating it since it’s so gross, but does it like a champ!