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One Of The Show Member’s CMA Award Trophies Got Broken

Last night, the whole Bobby Bones Show received CMA Award Trophies, but someone’s shattered.   

Scuba Steve picked up the awards and Lunchbox loaded them in his truck. When they opened the door, one of the boxes fell out of the truck and they immediately heard glass break. When they checked whose it was, they couldn’t believe it was Amy’s since the same thing happened to her award last year too! Two years in a row Amy’s CMA Award Trophy has shattered by falling out of the car. They brought the box in for Amy to see how bad it was and it’s completely broken. Now she has two shattered CMA Awards.  

Scuba feels horrible that the award fell out of his truck, and it broke. He’s going to try, and get it fixed for her. The show thinks since this has happened to her twice it might be a sign.