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The Show Shared Stories from Last Night’s CMA Awards

The show talked about their crazy and fun night at last night's CMA Awards and shared their favorite moments!

Bobby Bones arrived one minute early to take the picture with the show because he had so many other things he needed to do. The whole show was standing waiting for him and when they went to take the picture, him and Lunchbox stood at the front holding the award. Lunchbox handed it to Bones to hold but said they could both hold it, so the picture ended up looking like they were fighting over the award.  

Amy walked out and gave the speech for the show. She worked with Mike D to figure out what she was going to say, and he came up with the idea to talk about how her CMA Award broke, but that wouldn’t break her dreams. They also did a shout out to Friday Night Lights “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.” We played a clip of the moment on the show.  

Lunchbox and Ray almost had security called on them when they went backstage. There were celebrities everywhere and Lunchbox and Ray were acting like paparazzi and got asked if they had passes to be back there, which they didn’t. They were told to wait there until security came, but they ran away before they came. Lunchbox was screaming at so many artists he lost his voice and when they were driving to the awards, they saw Peyton Manning standing outside his bus and Lunchbox was trying to climb out of the car to talk to him, when Scuba rolled up the window and told the driver to keep driving. Lunchbox was able to get a picture with him though. Plus, Morgan tried walking in with a champagne bottle and the cops yelled at her that she wasn’t allowed to bring it in.  

The show also shared their favorite moments from the night. Amy's was that she kept her son on speaker phone for the first thirty minutes of the show so he could hear a bunch of live performances. Eddie’s was that he got to take his son who was star-struck by everyone, especially when he saw Katy Perry. Lunchbox's was meeting Peyton Manning, even though he didn’t have a lot to say, Lunchbox was just happy to get a picture with him. Morgan’s was hanging out with the show. And Ray’s when they arrived at the show, everyone was screaming when they got out of the car, so the driver thought they were famous. Bones favorite was watching Jordan Davis and Lainey Wilson win since he’s friends with them.