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Eddie’s Video of Lunchbox & Abby Went Viral

A few weeks ago, Eddie took a video of Lunchbox yelling at Abby because she blocked him from being eligible to win Employee of the Month for the next three months.  

Eddie posted the video on his TikTok and it’s now his most viral video ever at almost a million views. Since we talked about it on the show and it wasn’t anything too crazy, Eddie posted the video and even made some good money from it! Abby thinks she’s being exploited now but Eddie doesn't think so since she is talking to him in the video and knew the recording was happening.  

Abby messaged Bobby Bones saying she feels exploited. At first, she was happy he captured it so she could have proof Lunchbox threatened her by saying “Watch your back,” but now she thinks Eddie was only concerned about his video going viral. Lunchbox is annoyed because he thinks Eddie shared the video to get him in trouble and faked being concerned about Abby but was just concerned about his video going viral.  

Bones supports Eddie in this situation. Abby thinks Eddie should share some of the money he’s made from the video.