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Nate Smith Opens Up About Jobs He Had Before Pursuing Music Full Time

Nate Smith stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about going on the “Home Team Tour 23” with Thomas Rhett and Cole Swindell, his new music, and the jobs he had before pursuing music full time.  

Smith started singing at 9-years-old, but he had many different jobs before he made it in the music industry. He was a nursing assistant up until four years ago, he drove Uber, and worked at a church. Working at the church didn’t work out well for him though because he cussed and drank beer and didn’t feel like he could be himself there. The church did introduce him to music though, where he led the church choir at sixteen.  

Before his music started climbing the country charts like his current single, “Whiskey On You,” his music was going viral on TikTok. “I Don’t Wanna Go To Heaven” and “Sleeve” were the first big ones that got his streaming numbers to start going up. He performed “I Don’t Wanna Go to Heaven” in the studio and said it’s cool to see how that song has connected for someone going through cancer and has brought them hope. He wanted to have a feature on that song and Tenille Townes was the first person who came to mind. That collaboration happened by him just cold emailing her the ask and she agreed. 

Smith admits he’s still trying to get used to his newfound success. He’s definitely tired trying to balance this level of going all the time. He said as an artist you’re not supposed to complain about anything you’re going through, but that can get challenging. He’s grateful to be tired because he’s worked so hard to get to the place he is now. His manger chief told him he was once surviving working paycheck to paycheck, but now he’s living. He’s trying to keep that in mind during his new journey. He’s known his band for a year. He calls them the “Maters,” it came from the movie, Cars. It just kind of stuck and is an inside joke amongst them.  

Smith is getting ready to go on tour with Thomas Rhett soon and he’s super fired up about it. He shared that Rhett called him to share the news and he couldn’t believe it. He’s been working on the set list and the new music he’s putting out will be part of it, like his song “I Found You,” that came out a few weeks ago. He also has a song called “Wreckage” coming out next week and is putting out his debut self-titled album on February 17th.  

Smith said he learned so much from touring with Brett Eldredge. He studied the way he performed and interacted with the fans. He said it was an incredible experience and he became good friends with Eldredge, which Bones tested by texting him to ask, which he confirmed they truly are good friends.  

Nate Smith debut self-titled album comes out February 17th, 2023. Tickets for the Home Team Tour 23 are on sale now.