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Lunchbox Washed Hands With Keith Urban in Shared Sink

Eddie saw Lunchbox do something weird behind the scenes when Keith Urban stopped by The Bobby Bones Show yesterday. 

He walked into the bathroom and Lunchbox was sharing a sink with Urban. There is only one tiny sink in the men's bathroom that isn’t big enough for more than one person to be washing their hands in. But Eddie saw Lunchbox and Urban both washing their hands together in the sink at the same time. Eddie said it was more like Urban washing his hands and Lunchbox trying to get in there with him.  

Lunchbox said he didn’t follow Urban into the bathroom and didn’t know he was in there first. The show pointed out that Lunchbox hardly ever washes his hands when he leaves the bathroom, so it’s strange he decided to do it this time. He said he and Urban were talking in there and he thought Urban would think it’s weird if he saw him leave without washing his hands, so he continued the conversation while washing his hands in the same sink. They were shoulder to shoulder, under the water at the same time. Lunchbox said he couldn’t wait for Urban to finish because he was taking a long time.  

Eddie thinks he did it to touch Urban’s hands and tell the world about it. Lunchbox admitted how many other people can say they shared a sink with Keith Urban. Lunchbox is so proud of it he’s adding it to his cool facts about him.