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Our Christmas Gift Exchange Will Be A “Spicy Christmas”

The Bobby Bones Show is getting ready for their Christmas show! It came down to two options this year: a “Spicy Christmas,” or “Pass or Smash Christmas.” 

With “Spicy Christmas” you’d draw a name and get them a gift. That person can either accept the gift or choose from one of Bobby Bones' seven luxury boxes. Five of the boxes include a luxurious gift, and two of them include a spicy gift like the hottest gummy bear or chip. If you open one of the spicy ones, you need to eat it right there and then.  

The other option was the “Pass or Smash Christmas.” You can either keep your gift or if you don’t like it, you can smash it immediately and spin the wheel of cash.  

The show voted 5 to 1 that this year’s Christmas exchange will be “Spicy Christmas.”