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Amy Believes Her Mom Is Sending Her Signs Through Cardinals

Amy thinks her mom is sending her signs through cardinals because they keep visiting her at the right time.

Last week, she thought her mom was showing her death because a cardinal flew into her back window and died.  Now she thinks she’s visiting her again with something about life because she saw a cardinal in her backyard having so much fun, taking a bath and playing around and looked joyful. She feels it might be a message about enjoying life or it was a message about water and cleaning.  

The show thinks the message was just a bird taking a bath. Bobby Bones related it to a story he recently heard about a Jesus statue in Asia that started to have water come from it, so everyone from the town drank it because they thought it was a sign. Turned out it was just a toilet that had broken and the water was leaking onto the statue and everyone got sick. Amy thinks that story and hers aren't related at all and that people see signs of their loved one’s in different things all the time.