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Bobby Shares Christmas Gift Suggestions For Guys

Christmas is only a little over a month away, so Bobby Bones shared four gift ideas that would be a good option to give your man.  

The first one was Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner. If your man wears eyeglasses, Peeps is a great gift to give him! The next option was paying for his Netflix account for a year. Someone bought Bones a Netflix gift card that was for a year subscription. He had Netflix for a year completely free and said it was a great gift. Adding that really any streaming service would work.

The third suggestion was an electric razor. He said a cheap one won't last long and will hurt him, so if you get him a good one it’s perfect for him to use when he’s in a hurry. Bones fourth and final suggestion was a fogless mirror that can suction to the shower. He thinks this would make a great gift because having a mirror in the shower that won’t fog up will make shaving so much easier for him.  

These are the first four things' Bones suggests, he’ll keep thinking of more to add!