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Eddie Secretly Recorded Lunchbox On Customer Service Call

Eddie caught Lunchbox on the phone being rude to customer service and recorded it.

Lunchbox was complaining about his cable that hasn’t worked for two weeks, and every time he calls, they tell him they’ll run some technical support and try to diagnose the problem, but nothing happens. He’s called three times and has gotten three new cable boxes and nothing has worked. So, he called again, and they replied they will troubleshoot the problem, which he didn’t want. He wanted someone to come to his house to solve the problem, which he was told would cost him $99 dollars. Lunchbox said he would not pay for them to come out and fix their equipment that isn’t working.  

Lunchbox even named drop The Bobby Bones Show and said he would bash them on is socials. He said he wasn’t afraid to use his large social media following to get what he needs. The show agreed he shouldn’t have name-dropped the show. In the end, the supervisor called Lunchbox back and someone is coming to his house to fix the problem and won't charge him the $99 dollar fee.