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Morgan Shares Relationship Status Update & Dating News

Morgan announced on the Bobby Bones Show that she is single again.  

The last update we received was that she was dating this man for a long time, but kept the relationship pretty private. They talked about moving in together but broke up shortly after that. They then got back together because she believed he deserved a second chance since he was putting in the effort from what he was showing. Then she found out some things and now it’s over. She’s been single for about two and a half weeks, so it’s still very new. She said the wound isn’t fresh and there isn’t any sadness, just a lot of anger. She is dating again, but not out of anger. She said she already grieved the breakup the first time they broke up, now there’s just anger that someone disrespected her again.  

Morgan did feel like it would work out when they got back together the first time, and she didn’t want to regret not trying again with him since he was willing to try again. Altogether, the relationship lasted about a year and a half. Morgan is sure she’s moved on and has let it go. She said she didn’t do anything wrong; she just loved someone and is now moving forward. She’s on the dating apps and has already gone on a date and said it’s not rebound dating. She wants to continue to put herself out there because she still wants to find love. She said dating again does feel weird because she was used to being so comfortable with someone and now has to be vulnerable with someone new. On the one date she went on the guy brought her a gift; toys for her dog. She wasn’t sure how she felt about it. Raymundo and Lunchbox thought it was a red flag that he brought a gift on the first date. Eddie, Amy and Bobby Bones thought it was sweet. She said she'll be going on a second date with him sometime soon.