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Abby Hired Singing Coach & Got A New Gig

Abby shared she hired a professional voice coach to work on her passion for singing and has already landed her first paid singing gig! 

Lunchbox suggested she get a voice coach to help her get rid of the nasal sound in her voice. But Abby said she got one so she can become a stronger, more confident singer. She’s been to the coach twice so far and they told her she does sing through her throat and nose a lot, so she’s trying to unlearn those old habits. She’s still in the very beginning stages and doing lots of warm-ups. The sessions have been helping her be more confident and sing out more.  

Abby sang a bit of “The House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert and the show agreed she already sounds better! Lunchbox thinks he deserves credit for her getting a voice coach. Abby said she didn’t do it because of Lunchbox’s suggestion, she’s doing it to be more confident with her voice and possibly try to become a singer.  

Abby also shared that she’s already gotten a new singing gig too! Last year at the show’s Christmas party, there were carolers who she sang with and this year they asked her to be part of the quartet and sing around Nashville. It's a paid gig and they are giving her the Christmas outfit too. $60 per hour and then $30 after that. Abby will be the second alto in the group and is trying to learn everything fast, since she was just asked to join, and the others have been practicing since September. She has 30 songs she needs to learn and has been practicing with online music. The next rehearsal is Monday, and the events start later this month. The Bobby Bones Show wants her to bring the group she’s singing with on the show. Abby is super excited, and the show is so proud of her!