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Bobby Has More Than Foxes Living Behind His House

We have Bryan Swanson of Complete Animal Removal called into the show to talk about Bobby Bones backyard full animals. 

Bones thought he was dealing with foxes in his backyard, so he had Swanson and his team put in cameras to catch them, but they saw other animals. His backyard has armadillos, raccoons, possums and they haven’t seen any foxes, probably because he also has coyotes and raccoons!  

They got into his yard because there are some digging areas by his fence, and he doesn't have a big gate, so they can easily get in. Coyote’s eat foxes, so Bones no longer has a fox problem, but a coyote problem now. Bones is worried he might get attacked by a coyote in his own yard now, but Swanson assured him they would more likely go after his dogs than him. The solution to this problem is for him to get a new gate.