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Eddie Refuses To Do Christmas Cards with Family

Eddie doesn't understand why people do Christmas cards. He thinks they are kind of cringey, especially when they give a family update and try to brag about how great their year was. He thinks there’s no point to them because you just end up throwing them away and that’s why his family has never done them. 

But his 14-year-old son came home and asked why all his friends do Christmas cards, but they don’t. He said he would like to do them this year. Eddie doesn't want to be a Grinch, but he told them he doesn't think they will do them, ever. Bobby Bones compared Christmas cards to posting on Instagram. You post on there to show off, and Christmas cards are basically the same thing but just for older people. The Christmas card is the original holiday Instagram post.  

Eddie said he’ll compromise by taking a photo in front of the Christmas tree and posting it on his Instagram. Bones thinks he should do the Christmas cards and mail them out. Eddie thinks getting everyone's address, buying the stamps and putting them in the mail would be too much work.