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Jimmie Allen Shares The Food He Eats Every Night Before Bed

Jimmie Allen called into The Bobby Bones Show to talk about being friends with Patrick Mahomes, being on tour with Carrie Underwood and more.  

Allen called into the show from Kansas City, after hanging with Patrick Mahomes after the Kansas City Chiefs game this past weekend. Allen said he is feeling better, after he had to miss the CMA Awards last week because he was diagnosed with exhaustion and some other health issue he hasn’t put out publicly. Although, some speculated it was COVID, he ensured it wasn’t.  

Allen is currently on Carrie Underwood’s “Denim & Rhinestones Tour,” which he said she’s really stepped her game up overall with her performances and how she entertains. He loves seeing her slay on vocals, fly through the air over the crowd and dance and tell jokes. He’s learning a lot from being on tour with her that he wants to bring into his own shows. Although, Allen had only played Pickleball once, he will be on CBS’ Celebrity Pickleball show, “Pickled,” that airs November 17th at 9/8 C.T. The match benefits “Red Nose Day,” and Dierks Bentley is also participating. Allen’s teammate is actor Max Greenfield. He’s proud of his performance given the situation that he’s never played before. He thinks he and Bentley probably represented country music well.  

A bowl of cereal and one glazed donut is Allen’s choice of meal before bed every night. He said he’s blessed with good genetics and has been off of his workout kick for over a year now. Given his diet, he’s amazed he hasn’t gained any weight. What's next for Allen in his career?  He wants to get into acting more. Once he finishes touring with Underwood, he’s carving time out next year to do more television projects. TV, film and hosting are all equally important to him as music.  

The holidays are fast approaching, but Allen says he and his family don’t have any plans. They just “feel the mood.” They could end up in his home state of Delaware, or Florida, California or just stay in Nashville.