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Bobby Bones Show Draws Names For Spicy Christmas Gift Exchange

The Bobby Bones Show's annual Christmas gift exchange is coming up! Each holiday season the show gets one person drawn out of the hat and they have to buy a gift for them that's in line with the whole theme. 

Last week, the show determined the theme for the Christmas gift exchange this year would be “Spicy Christmas.” The show will draw a name and get them a gift. That person can either accept the gift or choose from one of Bobby Bones' seven luxury boxes. Five of the boxes include a luxurious gift, and two of them include a spicy gift like the hottest gummy bear or chip. If you open one of the spicy ones, you need to eat it right there and then.   

None of the gifts can cost more than $100. And the list of who is buying for who is below! 

Amy will be buying for Eddie 

Lunchbox will be buying for Scuba Steve 

Eddie will be buying for Lunchbox 

Raymundo will be buying for Abby 

Morgan will be buying for Mike D 

Mike D will be buying for Amy 

Abby will be buying for Bobby 

Scuba Steve will be buying for Raymundo 

Bobby will be buying for Morgan