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Morgan Spills The Tea On Lunchbox Sleeping On The Couch

Morgan spills the tea on Lunchbox that he’s been sleeping on the couch at home recently.  

Behind the scenes, Lunchbox was talking about how bad his back was hurting and how tired he is. He told Morgan it was because he’s been sleeping on the couch at home. She thinks it might be because his wife is mad at something he said.  

Lunchbox thinks it’s rude for Morgan to take their conversation and air it out, even though he does it all the time to other people. But he does admit that there are facts to her story. He has been sleeping on the couch at home recently, but not for the reason Morgan thinks. His middle son has been sick, so he’s been sleeping in Lunchbox’s and his wife’s bed. Lunchbox needs to get a good night’s rest for work, so he let him have the bed and he took the couch. There’s no trouble, he just can’t have a sick kid sleeping next to him and keeping him up all night. The show believes him.