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Eddie’s Wife’s Car Got Broken Into While Shopping

Eddie’s not sure if his wife’s car got broken into since she did leave it unlocked when she went shopping, but that’s what recently happened.  

She was shopping and when she came back to her car, she realized that it was trashed.  They went through her car and the glove box, but they found nothing. Eddie’s wife thinks her car got broken into, but he doesn't think it’s considered getting broken into if she left the doors unlocked.  

They were able to get the security camera footage and saw that someone had been checking car doors in the parking lot to see if they were unlocked, not breaking windows, just checking the handles. Eddie has heard from cops for years that you shouldn’t leave valuables exposed in your car and if you lock your doors, you have a better chance of not being broken into. 

The lesson learned here is to just lock your cars and don’t leave anything valuable in there.