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Scam Alert: Someone Is Claiming to Be Bobby’s Communications Manager

The Bobby Bones Show received a voicemail from a listener named Janice saying someone by the name of Teresa Decker had messaged her on Instagram saying she was Bobby Bones Communications Director and wanted to know if it was true or not.  

Her name on Instagram is ‘Teresa.Decker91’ and in her bio she claims to be the Communications Director for Bones and to ignore anyone who may reach out about him except her. Bones has no idea who this is, he doesn't even have a Communications Director and announced that it is a scam alert. The only people who will reach out to others for Bones are either himself, someone with a blue checkmark by their name, or someone he follows. If you ever receive a message and are questioning if it’s real, check to see if Bones follows them. If he doesn't, there is a good chance it’s fake.