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Amy Overheard Lunchbox & Raymundo Talking Badly About Her Holiday Movie

Amy overheard Lunchbox, Ray and Mike D talking badly about her movie in the bathroom. There is a thin wall between the women's and men's bathroom, so when she was in there, she overheard them loudly talking about how bad they think her movie will be and asking Mike D for his honest opinion on it. Lunchbox said Mike D told him it was bad, and you’ll fall asleep during it, but your wives will like it. 

Amy said it didn’t hurt her feelings because she didn’t expect them to like something that brings everyone joy. Bobby Bones suggests Lunchbox is just jealous he’s not in a movie, which Lunchbox reminded everyone he was in a live musical in Las Vegas, even though his lines got cut. 

Mike D said he revealed his true opinion on air when he gave it a 3 out of 5.