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Lunchbox Calls Taxidermist To Make Rug Out Of Beloved Pet

Recently we talked about a woman who had taken her dog that died and made it into a dog-skin hide rug. The head, paws and tail are all still on it. Lunchbox wanted to see if this could actually be done so he called a Taxidermist to find out and hear how they would react.  

He called a Taxidermist he said was located somewhere in the South. He started the call by asking if they made rugs out of animal skin. They said they do but it depends on the animal and the size. Lunchbox started to describe the animal as 75 pounds, a really good boy, and friendly. When the Taxidermist asked if he was talking about a dog, Lunchbox said yes. His dog “Fluffy” died last name from kennel cough and that he loved the dog so much he wants to still be able to have her as a rug. The Taxidermist said it was a bit out of the norm and if he’d be mentally prepared to see basically a family member deflated and dead lying on the floor. The Taxidermist said if it’s really what he wants to do then they’ll do it. 

The show agreed it’s so crazy and weird that Taxidermist will actually do this to a dog, and it’s not something they’d ever actually want to get done.