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Morgan Shares Some Recent DMs She’s Gotten On Instagram

Morgan is newly single and dating again, and she shared some messages people have been sending her on Instagram.  

One of the messages said “God, shrink me down and eat me,” which no one on the show understood. Another one said, “Thought only princesses like you existed in fairytales,” she thought it was corny. One person even got a little too cocky for her and said, “So how can I apply to be your husband?” Another message said they’re moving to Nashville to be with her. The messages were coming on too strongly for her and she doesn't plan to reply to any of them.  

Morgan said the perfect way to slide into her DM’s is for the guy to just be normal, maybe share something they have in common and ask her out on a simple date. Or say something about her dog, she said that would be a great in if they compliment her dog or ask to go on a dog walking date. She’s no longer seeing the guy she went on two dates with and is back at square zero on two dating apps.