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Listener Eric Answers All The Questions About His Foot Fetish

We have been talking about foot fetishes on the show because someone has been offering to pay Amy $250 for a picture of her feet. We talked to listener, Eric, who is from Alabama and has a foot fetish, and he answered all our questions. 

Eric told us it doesn't matter how pretty the girl is, if she has bad feet, he can’t be with her. If he’s only attracted to her a little but she has a great personality and great feet, he’s all about it.  

When he sees people wearing sandals or open toed shoes in public, he tries not to be awkward and stare, but admitted he’ll discreetly take a peek at them. And he doesn't take random pictures of feet on his phone. Eric is divorced but said when he got married part of the reason he did was because she had nice feet. Even though she was flat footed, and he preferers an arch. Eric said even if he met the most perfect girl in every way, if she had bad feet, he couldn’t be with her. It’s a turn off for him.  

He won’t tell a girl on the first date he has a foot fetish, but he puts it out there soon to see if they are on the same page. He does Facebook dating and said he’ll ask for a picture of their feet, and they are bad, he’ll stop talking to them. He hasn’t paid for feet pictures, and said he’s not that extreme, yet.  

He doesn’t know what the feet addiction stems from, but he has a therapist and plans on bringing it up to her soon.