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Amy Asked Personal Question About Kids In Grocery Line

Amy shared a story on the show as a PSA to not ask people you don’t know personal questions. 

Amy and her son were in line at the grocery store when the person behind them heard him say “Hey Mom” to Amy. The person then said “Oh, you adopted?” and Amy explained that she did and gave a quick background of how she adopted two children from Haiti and has had them for over five years now. Amy is white, and her children are black, so she knows it’s not the automatic assumption that she is their mom unless you hear them call her that. The person then asked her, “Were you not able to have your own kids, or why didn’t you do that?”  

Amy was at a loss for words when she was asked that question. She handled it well though and explained how she tried that at first and couldn’t, but everything worked out the way it was supposed to. Amy doesn't think they weren’t being judgmental, and they were just curious, but that they should’ve known not to ask people super personal questions with someone you don’t know.