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Bobby Shares Why Stanley is Gaining Weight Post-ACL Surgery

Recently, Bobby Bones shared that his dog Stanley had surgery because he tore both ACLs in his back legs. The surgery went great, but now he is dealing with another issue.  

Stanley can’t exercise so he’s gaining a lot of weight and getting fat, which isn’t healthy, but since he’s still in recovery, he can’t do anything because he can’t move. The only thing Bones can do to try and help him is limit his food intake. He’s trying to figure out a way to exercise him, but he can’t start taking him on five-minute walks twice a day until January.  

Bones also shared some of his nick-names for him about his weight, like “Fat In The Hat,” “Fattness Everdeen,” and “Fat Stanley.” He wants people to know this is the reason why you might see his dog getting fat.