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Lunchbox Shares His Personal Research with ‘The Chrisley Report’

Lunchbox has been doing his own research on Todd and Julie Chrisley’s recent sentence for fraud and tax crimes convictions which he shared on the show with his “Chrisley Report.” 

Lunchbox said that the Chrisley's were found guilty of bank fraud because they would target small banks and apply for huge loans and have a lot of collateral. The Chrisley’s had $30 million dollars in loans. They defaulted on $25 million dollars of those loans and then filed for bankruptcy.  

Lunchbox speculated that they made a separate account and transferred the money to Todd’s mom to make it look like she had all the money, and they couldn’t pay their loans back. Todd was sentenced to 12 years in prison and Julie was sentenced to 7 years. Julie got an extra charge at the trial for refusing to send the documents she was subpoenaed for.  

The Chrisley’s are known for living a lavish lifestyle that they’d display on their reality TV show, Chrisley Knows Best. It was reported they spent $300,000 a year on clothes. Bobby Bones pointed out that if they bought the clothes for their show, it would be considered a business expense they could write off. Lunchbox just thinks they are true scam artists.  

Todd’s ex-business partner alleged they had an affair and admitted he was the one who turned them into the FBI. He had proof of the documents and text messages of everything. The Chrisley’s did try to stagger their prison sentences since they have children who are minors, but the Judge did not allow it. They will both be in prison at the same time in separate prisons in Florida.  

Chrisley Knows Best debuted in 2014 on the USA Network. They must report to a federal prison on January 15, 2023.  

Photo: Getty Images