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Lunchbox Wants Diagnosis From Dr. Bobby Bones for His Cough

Lunchbox has had a bad cough for several weeks now and he wants a diagnosis from Dr. Bobby Bones.  

He’s been to the doctor twice and they gave him a breathing treatment, a steroid shot and pack, cough medicine and pills and he still can’t get rid of it. He said he’s been waking up an hour earlier just so he can cough all the mucus out of his system and sometimes is even coughing up blood too. He decided to come to Dr. Bones to find out what’s wrong with him. Bones said it must be viral since it can’t be immediately fixed.  

Lunchbox thinks he’s past the contagious stage since it’s been two weeks. Bones' best advice is that he needs to record a couple Boneheads in advance and take a few days off to rest, drink a lot of water and get better. Sleep and water are the best things we can do when nothing else is working and it’s viral and just needs to run its course.