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Raymundo Shares Country Music Secret About New Project

Raymundo has a new country music secret he shared on the show! 

According to Raymundo, a massive pop artist is coming out with a country album sometime next year. It’s been rumored in the past that they were working on a country album, but it never happened. This one is definitely happening though. Raymundo’s been told that country musicians have been contacted and the studio sessions have been happening.  

Bobby Bones asked if it’s someone whose career is failing so they are now trying to make a shift into the country music scene. Raymundo said it’s one of the biggest pop artists in America right now. So big they could do the Super Bowl. The only hint he gave was that they have a past album called “One Of” something. He did confirm it’s not Taylor Swift, Harry Styles or Katy Perry.  Raymundo thinks it’s good to keep it a secret because it would make massive news, and no one is talking about it yet when he googles it.