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Amy’s Daughter ‘Grooming Violation’ for Wearing Sweatpants at School

Amy’s daughter’s school calls a clothing violation a ‘grooming violation.’ She had sweatpants on that she wasn’t supposed to be wearing and now has detention. She has to be there at 7 a.m. on Saturday.  

Amy said her daughter told her she was confused because she thought in the part of the school, she was in she could wear sweatpants. But one of her middle school teachers wrote her up. She did have another violation that is also contributing to her getting detention.  

She texted Amy right away asking her to call the teacher to try and do something about it. Amy did reach out, but admitted the teacher was in the right. Amy doesn't know what she’ll do in detention but feels like she now has detention too because she has to wake up early on a Saturday and drive her there. Amy said she won’t punish her for this at home and hopes the school's punishment will teach her not to do it again.