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Bobby Shares TikTok Hack He Learned For Going To The Bathroom Quicker

Bobby Bones brought up on the show a couple days ago that if you put your hands together if you’re constipated or bloated it helps you go to the bathroom faster. He shared the TikTok video on the show to follow up on it.  

The video said to take two fists, put them together and rub them back and forth for about three minutes. Wait about 15 minutes and then doing that process should help move the stool out of the body. It’s worked for several people on TikTok. 

This video helped Bones because he has messed up insides. He had his spleen taken out when he was younger, and he thinks that might be the reason why. His doctor suggested it’s because he’s stressed. Eddie tried it and said he immediately felt it working.  

Photo: Getty Images