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Lunchbox Asks Luke Combs To Send Him New Crocs

The last time Luke Combs came out with his line of crocs he forgot to send Lunchbox a pair, even though everyone else on the show got them. Lunchbox called Combs and wants to make sure he’s not forgotten about again.  

Combs latest Crocs collaboration was released on Wednesday (November 30) and to make sure Lunchbox receives a pair, he stood outside his record label with a megaphone to send him a message. Lunchbox screamed into the megaphone that he knew Combs was in there and reminded him about how last time he forgot to send him a pair. He said this time he won’t take no as an answer and that he needs his new Crocs more than anyone else on the show. No one from the record label or Combs came outside to talk to him.  

Lunchbox is still waiting for his Luke Combs Crocs to be delivered.