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Morgan Reads Instagram DMs From Potential Dates

Morgan is single so Lunchbox told guys to start sending her DMs on Instagram. The messages are interesting and people are starting to get clever with their pickup lines.  

She shared some of the messages she received like one that said, “Is this still available?” referring to her. Lunchbox thought that was a good message, but the rest of the show didn’t. Another message was a mom trying to hook her up with her son who lives in Nashville. Another one was someone asking her to fill out a new follower survey that was just an empty contact. One said he was willing to relocate to take her on a date. Meaning he’d come out of town to take her on a date. One suggested they'd be together forever saying "First date and last night are on me! Hopefully in between are a lifetime!” And then the last one was a guy sharing that he loved her head, and her hair.

Morgan is getting ready to go on a date with two different guys soon. It’ll be the first date with both and she didn’t meet them from a DM.