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The Show Shares New TV Show Recommendations

A listener wrote into Bobby Bones mailbag saying they don’t watch a lot of TV, but they are about to get some time off over the Holidays and are looking for something to binge watch over the break. They asked if you could only recommend one season of a TV show, what would it be? They are open to anything as long as it’s not scary.  

The Bobby Bones Show all shared a TV show that they think listeners may like. If you're looking for a TV show to binge watch over the holiday break, these are the ones Bobby, AmyEddieLunchbox, and Morgan recommended:  

Bobby Bones TV Show Recommendation: The Queen’s Gambit and Inside Man on Netflix.  

Amy’s TV Show Recommendation: Yellowstone on Paramount.

Lunchbox's TV Show Recommendation: Friday Night Lights on Netflix.

Eddie’s TV Show Recommendation: Only Murders In The Building on Hulu.

Morgan’s TV Show Recommendation: Upload on Amazon.