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Befriending Your Inner Critic! (Outweigh)

OUTWEIGH: Self-Love Coach, Aubree Henderson is our expert today! She talks with Amy about befriending your inner critic...recognizing and more deeply understanding your inner critic voice, where it comes from, and how to engage with it more compassionately.


About Aubree:

Aubree Henderson is a self-love coach, author, and pleasure activist. Aubree works with clients and students to increase their self-confidence, improve their relationships, and love themselves more deeply. Her coaching specialties include boundaries, body image, relationships, sexuality, and self-confidence. Aubree holds a Masters Degree in Counseling & Human Development, is a Certified Professional Life Coach, and is currently pursuing certification in Sex, Love, & Relationship Coaching with the VITA Institute. She is the author of Breaking Up With People-Pleasing. You can learn more about Aubree and her work on social (@ahhhhbree on all platforms) or at

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