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Bobby & Eddie Spot A-List Celebrities in the Wild

Bobby Bones and Eddie couldn’t believe the celebrities they spotted in the wild this weekend!  

Bones was at the mall recently with his wife when he went into Sephora and saw Nicole Kidman shopping with no bodyguards. He wasn’t sure if he should say anything to her, so he texted her husband, Keith Urban, and said that he had seen her. Urban replied saying he should say hi, but by the time the text came through, she was gone.  

Over the weekend, Bones and Eddie were in Las Vegas for his Comedically Inspirational show at The Wynn, and they also saw a few celebrities in the wild there. Eddie saw Ryan Bingham, who's in Yellowstone. He was walking towards him with a guitar and Eddie called his name out, but he put his head down and walked away. Eddie was a little upset he didn’t stop, but admitted if he did stop, he wouldn’t know what to say to him. Bones saw him too and also didn’t have a great encounter with him. They aren’t going to hold it against him because he was just doing his own thing.  

The other celebrity Eddie saw was a major A-list actor when he was at the casino. At first, he didn’t know who it was, but knew it was someone big since everyone stopped and stared. Then, someone yelled, “It’s Han Solo!” and Eddie realized it was Harrison Ford. He was walking through the casino with bodyguards and an entourage around him. Eddie said he looked great for 80-years-old and that no one tried to bother him.