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Employee of the Month Was Chosen for November

The show’s Employee of The Month was chosen for November! Last month Abby won and blocked Lunchbox from being able to win it for three months, so he's automatically out. Bobby Bones created a new rule that whoever wins can choose if they want Lunchbox to be back in the running next month. If you win, you can spin the wheel of cash, do some self-promotion or choose to block someone from being able to get Employee of the Month.  

Bones announced the first person who didn’t get it this month is Eddie. Bones asked Lunchbox to predict who he thinks the winner is. He said the obvious choice is Amy because she had a stellar month with her movie, Holiday Harmony. Bones got right to the point and for the first time ever, crowned Amy the Employee of The Month for November!  

She won because she finally revealed what was in the mysterious package that was sent to her. It was a segment years in the making. She made her movie debut on HBO Max with Holiday Harmony and had Brooke Shields from the movie on the show. She was unsuspectingly funny this month, and had Reese Witherspoon offer to read lines with her for an audition.  

Amy said in her acceptance speech, “Always the bridesmaid, never the bride...until now!” She is pumped to finally receive the honor of Employee of the Month but knows that they are all a team and team stands for: Together, Everyone, Achieves, More. For her prize, Amy chose to self-promote herself. Check out her podcast ‘4 Things With Amy Brown,’ wherever you listen to podcasts. She releases two episodes every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Saturdays she has a podcast called ‘Outweigh’ that is dedicated to eating disorder recovery. You can follow her on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok @RadioAmy.