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Jax Shares How Her Flash Mob in Front of Victoria’s Secret Happened

American Idol season fourteen alum, Jax, called into The Bobby Bones Show to talk about how she handles fame, her song “Victoria’s Secret” going viral on TikTok, her musical journey, how her flash mob in front of Victoria’s Secret happened, and more!  

If you’ve been on TikTok recently, you’ve probably heard Jax’s viral song “Victoria’s Secret.” As much success as she’s had on TikTok, she is still superstitious about things. She films all her TikTok’s in the same spot. There are so many people becoming famous from TikTok which can cause pressure to create elite content. The only pressure she feels is to keep up with posting her goofy content and videos of her singing her songs.  

 She is still adjusting to fame and learning how to handle it. She’s been meeting her fans in person finally and that’s been really humbling for her. It feels like group therapy for her. The only strange difference is being recognized in public settings, she’s still trying to get used to that. She’s a homebody though, so she doesn't go out much.  

Jax has been writing songs since she was a small child. She did theater growing up and joined a pop-punk band and did the road life for a while living out of a van. She’s had many chapters and phases but through them all, songwriting has been her number one thing from the beginning. That journey never stops, she’s learning every day. There was a time she never thought she’d make it as an artist. When she went out to L.A. on her own at a young age, there was a time where she thought there was no point to keep trying because it could never be possible.  

The most stressful day of Jax’s life was when she did a flash mob outside Victoria’s Secret. They hired the flash mob dancers off the Internet, and they rehearsed for an hour max. They already knew what they were doing and then invited her at the last second to learn the moves. Then they all drove to the outdoor mall to perform it and filmed it on an iPhone. They didn’t consider a game plan if they got in trouble and the cops did show up, but they were rocking out to the song and weren’t super mad.