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Bobby Shares His Thoughts on the Latest Chaos Around Concert Tickets

Listener Josh called into the show to address the ticket scalping problem many people are dealing with. He referenced what recently happened with the Taylor Swift tickets and how scalpers got ahold of them and jacked the prices up. The same thing also just happened with Tyler Childers tickets that went on sale. He asked what can and should be done about these scalpers? 

Bobby Bones shared how the show he did at The Wynn in Las Vegas was a Ticketmaster show and he doesn't do dynamic pricing with his tickets. The problem now is that bots can go in quickly and buy all the tickets and re-sell them for insane prices.  

Bones said one way artists can help is not to do dynamic pricing. He thinks the answer is it has to become such a problem that someone steps in and creates some rules, so it doesn't continue. And until it becomes something popular for politicians to support, they’re not going to do it. 

Bones gave a piece of advice that if there is an artist you really love to join their fan club. You have first access to tickets and can sign up to be a verified fan and get tickets early.