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Amy Reveals Money She Made From Movie, Eddie From Reels

Eddie wants to know how much money Amy made doing her movie role, Holiday Harmony, but won’t share how much he makes from his reels.  

Amy thinks Eddie won’t share how much he’s making from his reels because he makes it seem like they’re a big deal, but he’s actually not making that much money from them. Eddie thinks Amy won’t share what she made from her movie role because it’s a lot of money.  

Amy is very grateful she got a really cool opportunity and doesn’t want to come across as bragging about how much she made for one day of filming. Amy’s total includes SAG regulations, overtime and meal penalties when she didn’t get to eat on time at set. Eddie guessed she made $100,000. Amy guessed Eddie in total between all his reels is around $500 or less.  

The final reveal for Amy is: $5,000 for the whole role.  

The final reveal for Eddie is: $675 over a span of a couple of months.