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Bobby, Eddie and Mike D Share Their Dallas Cowboys Experience

Over the weekend, Bobby Bones, Eddie and Mike D went to Dallas to interview Jerry Jones and watch the Dallas Cowboys game and they had the experience of a lifetime.  

Bones reached out to Jones’ people asking if he’d want to do an interview for his sports podcast, 25 Whistles. He was expecting it to be just a Zoom call, but they were invited to come to Dallas for the game and do the interview in person.  

They met Jones at his private hanger and got into a helicopter with him, his sons Jerry Jones Jr. and Stephen Jones and flew to AT&T Stadium. Bones was sitting in the front with Jones and his sons, while Eddie and Mike D sat in the back row. They had headsets on, and Bones said Jones was telling him about inside Cowboys Football information, but Eddie and Mike D couldn’t hear their conversation.  

They flew around the stadium and when they landed, they were greeted by a crowd of Cowboys fans cheering for Jones. He brought Bones over and introduced him to the crowd, but no one knew who he was. When they went on the field to watch the players warm-up, Eddie would yell the players' names, but he’d freeze up when they’d look at him.  

Bones sat with Jones to interview him for the 25 Whistles podcast. One of the questions he asked was what is one of the biggest failures in his life. He recalled a time years ago when he flew into Love Field and tried to rent a car but didn’t have enough money, so they cut his credit card in front of him and told him he needed to pay his bills. Bones also asked if he gets nervous before games. Jones said he gets very nervous and always has. He gets so nervous he almost gets sick but has to go into it being positive.  

Eddie said his favorite moment was the helicopter ride. Mike D’s favorite moment was the amount of time they got to spend on the field. They all agreed it was an unbelievable experience and are so grateful the Cowboys organization invited them.  

You can hear more about their trip and hear the full interview with Jones on the 25 Whistles Podcast this week.