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Yuletide Carolers Perform Remake “Lunchbox: The Red Nose Reindeer”

The Nashville Yuletide Carolers came on The Bobby Bones Show to share how Abby joined the group and perform!  

The Nashville Yuletide Carolers spread holiday cheer while caroling for your business, house party, hotel lobby, or any other Christmas themed event. The quartet that came on the show was made up of Abby (Alto), John (Bass and head of the Nashville group), Jessica (Soprano), and James (Tener and music director).  

Abby joined the group this year after John heard her sing the National Anthem a few times and liked the way she sounded. He realized the group could use her and asked her to join. They love having her be a part of it and said she fits in with the group greatly. Abby is having fun being in the group but admits it’s a lot. They are professionals and have been doing this for years, so it’s been a lot for her to adjust to.  

They performed “Jingle Bells,” “Silver Bells,” and a special remake of “Lunchbox: The Red Nose Reindeer.” They started the song by naming everyone on the show and asked if they’d heard of the most famous reindeer of them all...Lunchbox. They sang the song normally but instead of saying Rudolph, they replaced it with Lunchbox.  

He was impressed by how fast they could switch it up but said he could hardly hear Abby singing and thinks they shut off her microphone. She pointed out that a quartet is supposed to blend in so you won’t just hear only her singing.  

The Nashville Yuletide Carolers are booked up for the rest of the year. But you can hire them any time of year and they are available in other states.  

You can watch their performance of "Lunchbox: The Red Nose Reindeer" above!