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Amy Shares 2nd Episode of Son’s ’Stevenson Show’

Last week, Amy shared the first episode of her son’s radio show, The Stevenson Show. He knew it was played on the show and has gotten feedback from friends at school and is now super into it. He wrote a script for the show and told Amy if it’s played on the show, he needs to be paid $4 dollars.  

Some background info about Stevenson: He is 12-years-old, adopted from Haiti and Amy’s been his mom for five years now. She’s super proud of how far he’s come writing and recording these scripts because English is his second language.  

In his second episode he focused on Christmas. He said first, Jesus is the reason for the season. Second, presents like Nerf guns, toys, video games and drums. Lastly, he said we need to help others that don’t have presents and food.