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Bobby Shares Top 5 Rejected Segments in Recent Weeks

Bobby Bones shared the top five segments he’s rejected because they’d either get you fired, in trouble or they are boring:  

  • #5 - Suggested by Mike D – Talk about the top five worst country songs of the year put out by major artists. To show we’re open to criticism ourselves, we’d do a top five worst moments on The Bobby Bones Show. But really, we want to talk about the top five sucky songs that made it big this year.  
  • #4 - Suggested by Eddie – His credit card company thinks he’s cheating on his wife. There are some charges on a credit card they rarely use, and when his wife called customer service to ask about the charges that included jewelry, they responded by asking her if she’s asked her husband about buying jewelry. They suggested he bought it for another woman. He hadn’t bought any jewelry and their card was stolen.  
  • #3 - Suggested by Eddie – He suffered a terrible injury recently. He was re-heating some pizza and didn’t realize how hot it was and burned the inside of his mouth. He wanted to talk about how eating hot stuff is uncomfortable. It was rejected for being boring.  
  • #2 - Suggested by Lunchbox – He wanted to talk about one of the best snacks; a banana with peanut butter. It’s simple, easy and delicious. He thinks people forget about it. He had nothing else to share that day.  
  • #1 - Suggest by Amy – She wanted to know if anyone on the show has ever considered being a hand model. She was checking out at the grocery store and an elderly woman was in front of her. When she was putting her stuff on the conveyer belt, the old man working the cash register asked if she’d ever considered being a hand model. She thought she was witnessing a cute moment between them. She had no idea what happened to them, that’s why it was rejected.  

Bones kind of liked Amy’s segment and wants to take it off the rejected segments list, but the rest are staying on there.