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Gavin DeGraw Shares Story of How He Rescued His Dog From Gas Station

Gavin DeGraw called into The Bobby Bones Show to answer the most googled questions about himself, the story behind how he rescued his dog, his holiday plans, and more!  

The last time we spoke to DeGraw it was for his song “Ford.” He said he hasn’t put a record like that out before and he feels lucky to have gotten the opportunity to be on the show and play the song.  

Amy asked him the most googled questions about himself, and these are his answer:  

  • What genre of music is Gavin DeGraw: He doesn't know what to call himself, he just considers himself a songwriter. Some people call him an indie-pop artist, but he’s not sure what that means. He just likes to reference his life in songs and make it rhyme.  
  • How much does it cost to have him play at your wedding: One dollar in cash. He will also play divorce parties. He hasn’t yet but is open to it because he thinks people should celebrate every opportunity they get, the good and bad.  
  • How far did he make it on Dancing With The Stars: Not far. He wanted to move on from that question quickly.  
  • Why did he get attacked: He explained how he ran into a bunch of bad dudes in the middle of the night and was in no condition to deal with that situation.  
  • Is he in a relationship: Yes, he has a great dog named Gas Station that he found four years ago while he stopped at a gas station in Texas. He had spent a few days on a bender and pulled over around two in the morning and a dog ran from the road to him while he was pumping gas. He tried to find the owner but never did, so he kept him! 

For the holidays, DeGraw plans on going to New York City. He said it’s a special place to be during the holidays, and he can’t wait to visit the Macy’s store there because he thinks it’s one of the greatest stores on the planet.