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Eddie Wonders If He’s Good or Bad Parent For Doing This

Eddie’s 14-year-old son is studying really hard for his finals. He made flashcards for a history test he has coming up, but he’s having trouble remembering certain things, so Eddie decided to help him in a way that he isn’t sure if it makes him a good or bad parent.  

They were going over the founding fathers and Samuel Adams came up and Eddie had an idea on how to help him remember. He ran to the fridge because he had a six-pack of Samuel Adams beer. He poured the beer in a glass for himself and threw his son the bottle to read. He read that it was a Samuel Adams beer made in Boston, Massachusetts. Now Eddie thinks when the question comes up in the test he’ll remember the correct answer because he’ll think of the beer bottle.  

The show took a vote if this made him a good or bad parent. Amy didn’t think it was that bad and that you have to get creative sometimes and he was just helping his son study. Lunchbox also thinks this makes Eddie a great parent.